Student Profiles: Brittany Giusini
Delaware student Brittany Giusini overcame roadblocks to find incredible success.
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Falling in Love With the Law
EngBrian350pxWhile studying to be a rabbi in the seminary, 2012 Delaware campus President’s Award winner Brian S. Eng developed an interest in legal scholarship through the historical role of rabbis as teachers of Rabbinic Law.

“Studying the law was what I really found fascinating,” Brian observes, continuing, “Law school seemed like the natural choice.”

Brian, who has an engineering background from his undergraduate days, is interested in patent litigation as a possible future career, but for now, he actively serves as a rabbi at a local synagogue while studying the law. Brian’s time at Widener has already had an impact on the way he approaches his current profession.

“The mode of legal thinking, the mode of legal analysis, has changed how I think about things. It has changed how I write my sermons. It really has had a lot of benefit in my current job even though it isn’t directly a legal field,” he says before adding, “I’ve absolutely fallen in love with law. It’s the next thing I’m looking forward to doing.”

Already a member of the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law, Brian will also serve as a Wolcott Fellow during the 2012-13 academic year. He emphasizes how important it is to take advantage of some of the wonderful opportunities the school offers for practical experience, such as the clinical programs, observing, “There are a lot of opportunities out there, but nobody is going to come begging to you to take advantage of them.”

“The faculty members I’ve had have been great – great scholars, great educators and people who really care about the students and want them to succeed,” says Brian of what has made his experience at Widener such a positive one.

“Law school is not undergrad, and if you go in thinking it is your fifth year of undergrad and you don’t work hard, it will hurt you. Those first two semesters are particularly important, and you have to hit the ground running,” Brian advises future law students, but he is quick to add, “I’ve managed to succeed, and I’m a parent and I work full time. It can be done. The school gives you every opportunity to succeed.”

“This is Delaware’s law school. I grew up in Delaware, I live in Delaware, and I want to practice in Delaware. Widener is the place to do that,” concludes Brian.