Law Library Profiles: Janet Lindenmuth
Janet Lindenmuth helps students and faculty tackle the difficulties of legal research.
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Dedicated Service Advances the Mission of the Law School
“I love to work with the library staff to create new services that will benefit the work of our students and faculty. People really appreciate the help a good law library can provide and I really enjoy providing new and exciting support to the law school community,” says Michael Slinger, Associate Dean for Information Services and Technology and the Director of the Legal Information Center.

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Associate Dean Slinger earned his M.L.S from the University of South Carolina and his J.D. from the Duquesne University School of Law. He brings extensive experience to his role at Widener Law, having served as the director of Suffolk University Law School’s Law Library and the Law Library Director and an Associate Dean at Cleveland State University’s Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. He now brings that experience to his position at Widener Law, allowing him to “wear many hats.”

Michael enjoys being a law librarian, noting, “We get to concentrate on only one college and therefore have the opportunity to be a key part of the fabric of the law school. We do important work that advances the educational and research mission of the law school and are acknowledged for that contribution. In many ways the law library is the heart of a law school and we on the law library staff keep that heart beating and healthy.” He aims to keep that heart healthy by emphasizing the services that the law library can provide to the community, saying of his ultimate goals, “They all involve helping the students, faculty and staff of the law school to be successful. I want to have a law library and technology operation that everyone is happy with. When the law school succeeds, the law library is playing its part.”

Describing himself as “very excited about the direction of the school under Dean Ammons,” Michael hopes that the library will become even more integral to the school and be “a valued part of our success.”