Protecting and Preserving Precious Rights and Individual Freedoms
“I knew it would be intellectually stimulating,” says Santino Ceccotti ’06 about his decision to pursue a legal education before adding that he hoped to have “a chance to make a significant impact with my life by representing and helping people to protect, enforce and preserve those precious rights and individual freedoms which were so wisely granted by our nation’s founding fathers.”

Santino works in the Appellate Unit of the Delaware Public Defenders Office currently. “I handle cases before the Delaware Supreme Court. The issues on appeal are presented by submitting briefs and providing oral arguments when the Court deems it necessary to hear a particular matter,” he says of his work, adding, that his time as a board member of the Moot Court Honor Society while at Widener Law “sparked my interest in appellate work, and this opportunity was an excellent launch to my career.”

Santino came to Widener Law’s 4-year program after graduating from the University of Delaware with a degree in finance, and he quickly seized opportunities to distinguish himself, participating not only in the Moot Court Honor Society, but also the Bankruptcy Clinic, The Environmental Law Clinic, the Business Law Society, and the Association of Latin American and Hispanic Students. Citing his time spent preparing for oral arguments as particularly valuable, Santino notes, “I find myself still devoting ample preparation for my arguments the same way I did in law school.”

Describing how he felt when he started working at the Public Defenders Office, Santino says, “I felt confident enough not to second guess my abilities and to appreciate that I was given this opportunity because others felt I was capable to handle the pressures and responsibilities.” He relishes the knowledge he gains from his work, saying, “I work with some of the most experienced and keen attorneys I have ever met.  I have learned so much simply by working alongside of them.”

“Knowing that my audience, the Delaware Supreme Court, are some of the most respected legal minds in the country, and bring rigorous standards and challenges to every case before them - It’s akin to an intellectual boxing match when you argue a case before them,” states Santino proudly.

“Follow your heart,” Santino urges future law students, adding, “Never give less than a hundred precent effort in anything you do. And remember to help others whenever the opportunity presents itself. Making a difference in someone’s life is one of the greatest gifts you can give.”