Student Bloggers: 1st Year
"Widener is a great law school. We have professors that will do anything to help their students succeed and an administration that gives every student every opportunity to overcome the rigors of law school and the challenges of the bar exam"
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A First-year Experience Blog from Harrisburg
Meet a First-year Law student in her own words:
"I’d like to start off by introducing myself to you so you can know a little bit about me and hopefully, you may understand my perspective of this wonderful law school better. Hello! My name is Chelsey Crocker. I am a 25 year old first year law student. I graduated from Penn State University, main campus, in May of 2006 where I majored in Crime, Law, and Justice and cheerleading. Just kidding! Although I was a cheerleader at Penn State for the entire four years I was there and it certainly felt like a major ..."

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