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Widener Law Center has earned a reputation for excellent academic programs taught in an environment that requires rigorous study and professionalism.

LEI @ Widener Law Center offers both full-time and part-time studies to accommodate students with unique work, family or other circumstances as well as a variety of day and evening classes. To further accommodate students, LEI @ Widener Law Center is pleased to offer online classes. The Paralegal Studies program cannot be completed entirely online. Students must take at least ten semester credits or the equivalent of legal specialty courses through traditional classroom instruction. The diverse experiences of the distinguished faculty and administration contribute greatly to the continued excellence of our academic programs.

Bachelor’s Degree Program – 120 credits
Students enrolled in this program are provided with skills to perform legal research manually, on the computer and through the internet. They become well versed in civil and criminal theory, legal writing, and procedure and may concentrate on a particular area of law through the choice of legal electives. Students completing this program are awarded both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Paralegal Certificate of Completion. Bachelor's degree students at LEI may consult with an advisor to potentially earn an additional Paralegal Studies Certificate of Completion with a concentration in Health Law, Intellectual Property Law, Estate Administration, Criminal Law, Litigation, Real Estate Law, and/or Elder Law concentrations, at no additional cost, by strategically planning their electives. Advisors are readily available to all students throughout their studies at LEI.

Bachelor's degree credit breakdown and sequence of courses

Associate’s Degree Program – 60 Credits
This paralegal program focuses on legal research and writing, the mechanics of the civil litigation process and various specialized areas such as probate, litigation, real estate and technology. Students completing this program are awarded an Associate of Science degree and have an option for a Paralegal Studies Certificate of Completion. Many Associate’s degree students at LEI choose to also complete their Bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies at LEI.

Associate's degree credit breakdown and sequence of courses