About LEI
About LEI
LEI @ Widener Law Center offers Paralegal and Legal Nurse Consultant Programs approved by the American Bar Association. LEI is affiliated with Widener University School of Law and is located on the Delaware campus. LEI students have access to the vast resources of the Widener Law Library.

The primary goal of the Legal Education Institute is the education of qualified individuals in the theory and philosophy of law and ethical responsibility under the supervision of attorneys.

Academic Opportunities
If you are interested in law, a career as a paralegal, or as an Legal Nurse Consultant, you can take up to three legal courses without matriculating. Non-matriculation allows students to complete courses that are specific to their personal and professional needs without working toward a degree. Courses topically include Family Law, Real Estate Title Search, Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting, and Legal Research.

Pursue either a Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies simultaneously with an ABA approved Paralegal Certificate or an Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies simultaneously with an ABA approved Paralegal Certificate. Pursue an ABA approved Certificate of Completion in Paralegal Studies in either General Paralegal Studies with an Accelerated Summer Certificate Program or concentrations in the legal areas of Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Estate Administration, Health Law, Litigation, Intellectual Property, Real Estate Law, or Elder Law.

LEI @ Widener Law Center offers a Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate program (LNC) that is open to applicants who have a current Registered Nurse license and either a Diploma in Nursing, Associate of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, or Masters Degree in Nursing. RNs may also purse a Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate of Completion with Concentration on Forensic Nursing.

LEI @ Widener Law Center also offers a number of other legal academic programs and opportunities including continuing education credits and seminars and events designed to keep applicants current with their professional requirements.