Delaware campus Adopt-A-Family program is underway
Public Relations - Published: December 2, 2013
2013AdoptAFamilyPromo235pxThe Delaware campus holiday Adopt-A-Family charity drive has returned this year with plans to help three families and two adult individuals in need.

“We are seeking donations of gifts, gift cards or money we can turn into presents and store gift cards to assist these families,” program coordinator Mary Allen said.

All the program recipients are selected through DVLS and law school clinics, in which they are already pro bono legal clients. Families A, B and C include mothers and children who are survivors of domestic violence who are trying to rebuild their lives. The adult individuals are both clients of the Veterans Law Clinic who struggle financially.

Donations are being accepted through December 19. Those who wish to donate may drop off their items at the Public Relations Office, room 276 on the Veterans Law Clinic hallway, or at the Registrar’s Office. Volunteers are needed to help wrap the gifts. A wrapping party will be held Thursday, Dec. 19 beginning at 11 a.m. in the clinic wing moot courtroom, room 273.

“Our recipients would have nothing to mark the holiday season with, but for the generosity of the Widener Law community through this program. I encourage everyone to step up and get involved in helping to brighten the lives of people who grapple with very difficult personal circumstances,” Allen said.

Below is a list of the adopted families and their needs (or Download the full list as a pdf):

FAMILY A (Delaware Civil Law Clinic)
Family A has a mother and three children, two boys and a girl. The mother fled a violent relationship and is working hard to provide for her children but she is struggling. She is working and is able to support the children, but there is nothing left over for luxuries like Christmas gifts. She is appreciative of Widener for adopting them and helping to make this a special holiday for her children!

The family shops at Acme and Target.
    Needs: Size 14 for clothes, pants. Size is 7 or 7.5 for shoes. Hat, gloves, coat, winter clothes, pants, shoes, sneakers, black school shoes. Also could use underwear, PJs, snowboots. He could use a twin electric heating blanket.

    Wants: Remote Control Helicopter, piano keyboard (would love to have a music 88keyboard), watch.

    Needs: Size 14 for clothes, pants. Size is 6 or 6.5 for shoes. Hat, gloves, coat, winter clothes, pants, shoes, PJs, sweaters, sneakers, underwear, snowboots. He could use a twin electric heating blanket.

    Wants: Comic books, Legos, he would love to have a kids digital camera and Wii games.

    Needs: Size 10 for clothes, pants. Size 3 or 3.5 for shoes. Hat, gloves, coat, PJs, winter clothes, pants, shoes, sweaters, tights, snowboots.

    Wants: She loves fashion stuff, American Girl dolls, a watch, backpack.

    Wants: She would love to have Kitchen stuff to make something for the kids; Pressure Cooker or Electric Ebelskiver & Mini Doughnut hole Maker or Electric Deep Fryer or Stand Mixer (Used). She wears pants in a size 10-12, shirts in a medium and shoes are a 7.5-8.
FAMILY B (Delaware Civil Law Clinic)
Family B has a mother and three children, two boys and a girl. The mother was in an abusive relationship with the children’s father and was finally able to remove herself and the kids from the violence. She is trying to improve the quality of life for all of them so she is in school part-time. She is struggling to provide the basics for the children and without our assistance they would have no Christmas gifts at all this year.

Ideal gift card stores would be Acme, ShopRite, Target or Kohls.
    Needs: Pants size 1 or 1-2 Junior, Top Size Large Kids (16), Shoe size (7.5 (in women's). Pants, Winter clothes and items: hat, gloves, coat, scarf, etc.

    Wants: Books (likes reading about the earth), she likes encyclopedias. Also: i-Tunes gift cards. She likes to make jewelry and bracelets and likes playing with her hair and nails.

    Needs: Pants size 8 slim, Top Size 7, Shoe size 2. Socks, pjs, Winter clothes and items: hat, gloves, coat, scarf, etc.

    Wants: Cars, Transformers - the “Decepticons” (bad guys in Transformers), and Movies DVDs about superheros (like the X-men).

    Needs: Weight 23lbs (Mom says he’s chunky) and wears 12 month old clothes size right now Suggest you go large, and get gift receipts where possible! Shoe size is 6-12 months. Winter clothes and items: hat, gloves, coat, scarf, etc.

    Wants: Mom would like any educational toys, including different shapes.

    Needs: Pants size 8, Top size Medium - Large, Shoe size 8. She didn’t really know what she wanted, and wants things for the kids more.

    Wants: She would love a coffee maker (she has asked her dad for a Keurig machine), ice maker, washer/dryer.
FAMILY C (Delaware Civil Law Clinic)
Family C includes a single mom with a big heart, who is caring for three children and struggling to make ends meet. She was unable to celebrate the holiday last year due to her financial problems. The mother and children were victims of abuse. She fled a domestic violence situation and now struggles with everyday necessities. She also recently took in her 1-year-old granddaughter, despite having none of the supplies a one-year-old needs. The mother cried when she learned we would adopt her family, saying she had been wondering what she would tell her children this holiday season. She is extremely grateful for any help.

Mom shops at ShopRite and would appreciate grocery gift cards.

The family does not have a tree and would welcome a donated one.
    Needs: Blouses size 3X, bras size 40B. She said she needs silverware, detergent and dish soap.

    Wants: Toaster, bath towels, flat iron.

    Needs: Pant size - 11, shoe size - 8 and 1/2. Tops large in juniors, medium in misses. Black snow boots, a coat (again, large in juniors or medium in misses), socks, bathrobe, 36B bras, hats and gloves.

    Wants: A laptop or tablet, but understands it is expensive and would gladly accept something used. She is unable to do schoolwork at home. She will be going to college so this would help her a lot. She likes jewelry and makeup.

    Needs: Pants size 16 Husky, Tops 18-20 boys, Shoe size - 5 and 1/2. Snowboots, pjs, bathrobe and socks.

    Wants: Karaoke machine, kid’s movies, legos, army things, crafts (likes to draw), action figures.

    She just started living with them and has nothing. She is size 24 months and needs highchair, stroller, diapers, socks, winter coat, bottles, infant toys, blankets, and pjs. She pretty much needs all the necessities that an infant would need. She is grateful for anything. She would be happy with used things also!
FEMALE CLIENT (Veterans Law Clinc)
This widow of a World War II veteran, who is in her 60s, lives alone. She has a job but falls into the category of working poor. She has been a client of the VLC for more than five years, and has experienced a difficult road with her case. It has been rife with inaction by the VA due to bureaucratic “lost paperwork” issues.

She has said grocery gift cards would provide her the greatest assistance. There are PathMark and Superfresh stores near her home. It might also be nice if we could add a few personal gift items for her to open, such as fluffy towels, a new blanket, some lotion, gloves or a book.

When told she was being adopted by the law school she was incredulous and couldn’t understand why the many people here at our school who don’t know her would want to help. Let’s make this a bright holiday and show her the depth of our Widener spirit!

MALE CLIENT (Veterans Law Clinc)
Our second VLC client, a man mentioned in a previous version of this wish list, has been fully “adopted” by a member of our Widener Law community and his needs are being filled!