Student Profiles: Kevin Krauss
Studying abroad helped the 2012 president of the International Law Students Association find his passion for international law.
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Employers & Partners
Esteemed law firms. Government agencies. Major corporations. No matter who hires Widener grads, the reason for the hire is always the same: Widener grads understand the law, they know how to work, and they’re ready to work the day they walk through the door.

Just as important—though perhaps less tangible—Widener Law grads care. Maybe it’s their experience working with underserved clients in our clinical programs and pro bono opportunities. Maybe it’s the attention they get from their professors, many of whom were practicing prosecutors, defense attorneys, and corporate counsel themselves. Maybe it’s the no-nonsense kind of student who is attracted to our hands-on style of learning. Whatever the reason, our students understand that the law is first and foremost a service profession where the needs of the client come first. If the client is happy, it’s contagious.

Our recruitment program lets you tap young legal talent from either of our two campuses. You can also post jobs with our career development office.

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