LEI Alumni Profiles: Erika Ewing
Erika Ewing ’05 wanted the power to fight injustice and help make positive social changes.
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Complaints About the System Drive an Interest in Serving the ‘Average Joe’
Meghan Gorman ’05 became so tired of hearing people complain about the system that she decided to do something about it. “Way I see it, you can either sit on your porch and gripe or get up and do something about it,” she says. With that mantra in mind, Meghan pursued her Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies at Widener’s Legal Education Institute.

Now working at the law firm of Doroshow & Pasqualle in the areas of Personal Injury and workers’ compensation, Meghan found her purpose during her practicum with the Self-Help Center at the New Castle County Courthouse. “Within minutes of starting, I was overwhelmed at the number of self-represented litigants in need of assistance,” says Meghan. She decided to keep showing up and helping out even after her practicum ended. Meghan’s dedication led her supervisor to recommend her for a position with the Community Legal Aid Society, Inc. (CLASI). She spent two years with CLASI before eventually being informed of a position at Doroshow & Pasqualle by a classmate. “When I learned that one of the firm’s founding partners began his career with CLASI reaching out to the needy, I knew I was making the right move and would still be able to serve the ‘Average Joe’.”

Asked what she valued most while a student, Meghan cited her classmates, noting, “The opinions and points-of-view of a diverse group provided invaluable insight.” She was also quick to point out a lesson learned in Legal Research I with Professor Pelosi, saying, “She told us that ‘no matter what you learn here, the right way to do it is however your supervisor wants it done’. So true – each attorney you work for has their own way of how they want things.”

Meghan suggests that students coming into the program, “Pay attention in class, of course. But most importantly, get to know your classmates. Delaware is a small community and having a connection to another firm, organization, or company can be priceless!”