LEI Alumni Profiles: Carol Graber
Carol Graber ’06 pursued a Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies to gain an understanding of legal terminology, procedures, and research techniques.
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Paralegal Studies Illuminate a Path to Law School and a Judicial Externship
Erika Ewing ’05 wanted the power to fight injustice and help make positive social changes. Combining that drive with an interest in the law led her to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies at Widener Law’s Legal Education Institute. Erika praised her time at the Legal Education Institute, noting that, “The environment helped me be a better person, and helped build my self-esteem. The instructors there still help me when I ask for guidance.”

Now a third year law student at Widener Law, Erika feels that not only did her paralegal background prepare her for law school, but that it helped her receive a judicial externship with a judge in Delaware County’s Courthouse in Media, PA. Of her work as a judicial extern, Erika says, “I am fascinated with the unexpected. Nothing is the same even if you work the same type of cases.” In her daily life, she draws constantly on skills learned as an undergraduate, noting, “I always apply the checklists from undergrad. They are what has given me the edge over the other students in law school.”

Older than many of the students she attended the Legal Education Institute with, Erika says, “There is a warmth in the tight knit student body there, that age really didn’t matter,” and, “I was always included in conversations, outings, and school activities.”

Erika offers some free advice for incoming LEI students as well. “Work hard, ask for help, and get involved. If you do those three things, your experience at LEI will be one of the best in your life.”