Faculty Profiles: Erin Daly
Professor Erin Daly conveys the value of creativity to future lawyers.
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Law for the real world
There’s one important common denominator running through all of Professor Jill E. Family’s legal work—a focus on the practical. She emphasizes the real-world applications in her teaching, and appreciates the practical implications of her scholarship.

“Whether I’m teaching an immigration law elective or an administrative law course, I emphasize the complicated legal concepts as well as the human story underlying the case, which helps students see that their work will help real people through tough life problems,” Family says. “As far as scholarship, I write about issues involving immigration law that have a very real effect on people every day.”

Before becoming a professor, Family worked as an immigration law attorney. She went into academia so she could delve deeper into the broader issues of her field as well as pursue her passion for teaching. Widener Law’s Harrisburg Campus was the perfect place to do both.

“I was very impressed by the caliber of faculty and dedication to teaching at Widener Law,” Family says. “Scholarship is important and influential, but there is also a significant focus on the students.”

As an educator, Family strives to go far beyond simply providing a solid legal education. Her goal: to prepare students for a bright future. Career guidance, practice interviews, resume reviews . . . she does whatever she can to prepare her students for the profession. And nothing makes her more proud than watching them develop as lawyers and become poised for successful legal careers.