Jan Budman
All about the fundamentals
Jan L. Budman II, Esq., ’06 wanted a challenge. When he accepted the position as editor-in-chief of the Widener Law Journal at the Harrisburg Campus, he knew a challenge was exactly what he was going to get. What he didn’t know was how well it would prepare him for his career. 

“A lot of being a lawyer boils down to the basics of reading and writing,” Budman says. “As editor-in-chief I was tasked with evaluating every document with a fine-tooth comb for detail and accuracy. That pretty much mirrors the practice of law.”

The cum laude graduate now works at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC in the litigation section of the firm’s Harrisburg office. Practicing in civil and commercial litigation, his job is to shepherd clients through the legal process as efficiently as he can. And, he says, it’s an honor to do it.

“An attorney is a storied profession . . . people look up to you,” Budman says. “They entrust you to either defend or represent their most important assets in the best possible way.”

Budman stays connected to his alma matter by donating both time and money. But one of his favorite gifts to give is advice. He encourages future law students to be ready to “hit the ground running” and “take advantage of all Widener Law has to offer.”