Student Bloggers: 1st Year
"Widener is a great law school. We have professors that will do anything to help their students succeed and an administration that gives every student every opportunity to overcome the rigors of law school and the challenges of the bar exam"
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An First Year Experience Blog from Delaware
Meet a First Year Law student in her own words:
Hello everyone, my name is Meghan Harp. I’m currently a 1L regular division student at the Widener University School of Law and loving it! I’m also a recent graduate from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey where I majored in Political Science. I became interested in the study of law while in my junior year of undergrad after taking a course on civil liberties. After that course, I decided to add a few more of the pre-law courses to my schedule. I realized that it was these particular classes I loved so much that eventually inspired and encouraged me to attend law school. I was particularly drawn to Widener Law for its friendly and welcoming environment. In particular, I was interested in their nationally recognized Health Law Certificate Program. Follow along in my blog as I experience what it’s truly like to be a first year law student!

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