Student Bloggers: 1L & 2L
Jana DiCosmo is a second-year law student in the Extended Division day program. Jennifer Perez is a first-year law student with a passion for United States Immigration Law.
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A First-year Experience Blog from Harrisburg
Meet a First-year Law student in his own words:
"I chose Widener because of their relatively low teacher-to-student ratio, and the fact that Eric in the admissions office remembered my name from my application. The phrase “I chose Widener” is a bit fallacious though. I was never what one would call “studious”, and as a result, I didn’t have a pack of law schools blowing down my door for the pleasure of my enrollment. Widener evidently saw something promising in my application however, and I went down to Harrisburg from NYC without an appointment to speak with admissions. Eric immediately recalled most of my information without even pulling my file. My own parents sometimes need 3 tries to get my name right so that really solidified my will to attend Widener ..."

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