Widener Law alumni sworn into U.S. Supreme Court Bar
Public Relations - Published: June 18, 2014
Widener Law celebrated the success of 20 distinguished alumni Monday as they were admitted to the Supreme Court bar at a hearing in Washington, D.C.

Alumna Cynthia Ryan ’79 stood before the nine justices of the Supreme Court and moved for the group’s admission. She named each Widener Law attorney individually as the alumni rose to their feet and were welcomed into the prestigious legal group. The court also announced decisions in three cases during the 20-minute proceeding. Later, during a reception at the court, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg made separate personal visits with them.

“I know that it’s an important milestone and I just wanted to stop by and wish you all congratulations,” Roberts said.

Both he and Ginsburg spent a few minutes discussing the history of the court, and the opulent surroundings of the reception room – complete with portraits of former justices. Ginsburg singled out a portrait of the late William H. Rehnquist, Roberts’ predecessor as chief justice before his death in 2005.The group moved on to the Loews Madison Hotel in Washington, for a luncheon where they heard brief remarks from Widener University President James T. Harris III and an address by alumnus William Doyle.

Doyle, a 2000 graduate of the Harrisburg campus and one of five presidentially appointed federal maritime commissioners, talked about the agency that regulates the U.S. international ocean transportation community. He also harkened back to his law school days, including his experience in Professor Emeritus John L. Gedid’s classroom. Doyle, who spent 10 years as a U.S. Merchant Marine officer, said he was surprised by the number of lawyers who work for the Federal Maritime Commission.

“I’m grateful for my Widener experience, which has served me well,” he said.

The School of Law congratulates the alumni admittees to the Supreme Court Bar:
Jennifer D. Armstrong, ‘00, Delaware
John D. Cirrinicione, ‘07, Delaware
Lauren A. Pisapia Cirrinicione, ‘07, Delaware
Michael D’Agostino, ‘06, Delaware
Timothy W. Davenport, ‘01, Delaware
Shelley Dugan, 1987, ’87 JD, ‘88 LL.M, Delaware
Mary Jane E. Fitch, ‘96, Delaware
Carol L. Gallagher, ‘95, Delaware
Mary T. Hoang, ‘04, Delaware
Kelley Huff, ‘07, Delaware
Lisa C. Katterman, ‘92, Harrisburg
Michael Lettrich, ‘97, Harrisburg
Scott E. Maier, ‘98, Delaware
James Metka, ‘80, Delaware
Robert Morrow, ‘97, Harrisburg
Thomas A. Rothermel, ‘04, Delaware
Todd D. Rothermel, ‘09, Harrisburg
Ryan Stark, ‘07, Harrisburg
Karen C. Yarrish, ‘92, Harrisburg
Francesca Zeltmann, ‘03, Delaware