Awards Ceremony Honors Outstanding Students on the Delaware Campus
Web Editor - Published: April 28, 2014
“These students are the heart and soul of the law school. They are shining examples of what Widener Law students are capable of,” said Interim Dean Erin Daly as she opened the annual Delaware campus Student Awards Ceremony held in the Ruby R. Vale Moot Courtroom on Wednesday, April 23rd.

Brittany M. Giusini received the Dean’s Award, which is given annually to the graduating student who has demonstrated outstanding legal aptitude, exemplary service, significant leadership skills and the potential to become an outstanding member of the legal community. Brittany served as the Editor-in-Chief on the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law and was also a Wolcott Fellow.

President James T. Harris III was on hand to present the President’s Award, which is awarded to a second-year student who has demonstrated high scholastic achievement and possess high potential for meaningful future contributions to the law school, the community, and the profession. Harris presented the award to Olufunke O. Fagbami.

Harris thanked donors, staff, faculty and the students’ families, saying, “No student gets through law school alone. They need the support of family and friends.”

James D. Saintvil received the Dean’s Minority Student Scholarship.

A complete listing of the remaining awards follows.

Award Recipients

Alfred Avins Memorial Scholarship: Michael R. Darbee
Bank of America Scholarship: Jaclyn E. Crittenden
The Howard M. Berg Scholarship: Andrew P. Castano
The E. Wallace Chadwick Memorial Scholarship: Shannon A. Crowley and Sabrina J. Cooper
The Harvey Alan Chernoff Memorial Scholarship: Geena Khomenko George
The Esther F. Clark Memorial Scholarship: Jessica M. Keough
William Conner Memorial Scholarship: Brittany M. Giusini
The Honorable Joseph W. deFuria Scholarship: Michelle V. Barone
Delaware Association of Lawyers’ Spouses Scholarship: Wilson A. Gualpa
The Honorable William Duffy Memorial Scholarship: Caitlin H. Conk
Nancy and Howard Finkelman Scholarship: Michael B. Cooksey
Friends of Widener University School of Law Scholarship: Angela Vest
The Honey F. Golby Memorial Scholarship: James T. Kilduff and Deniz S. Uzel
Zelda K. Herrmann Memorial Scholarship: Courtney A. Emerson
The Honorable Ned L. Hirsh Memorial Scholarship: Sabrina J. Cooper
The Fairfax Leary, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: John G. Day
The Honorable Alan B. Levine Scholarship: Jensen E. Vizzard
Thomas S. Lodge Memorial Scholarship: Hayley J. Reese
George K. Miller Scholarship: Brittany N. Citro and Elisabete M. Rocha
Charles P. Mirarchi, Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Kendra A. Rodwell
The Bruce M. and Elizabeth M. Monroe Endowed Scholarship: Althea M. Gutteridge and Thomas H. Kramer
Angelina and Victor Piccone Memorial Scholarship: Felicia E. Mason
Dean Anthony J. Santoro Scholarship: Dominic A. Carrera
The Alexander V. Sarcione, Jr. Scholarship: Lindsay N. Bennett
Lee and Dianne Solomon Scholarship: Gayla A. Kasprzyk
The Taishoff Family Endowed Scholarship: Robert B. Rowe
John C. Warrington Memorial Scholarship: Adam J. Wojewodzki
Bernard S. Wildstein Scholarship: Gilberte Pierre

The Chadwick Constitutional Education Fellowship: Bruce A. Owens, Jay S. Patel, and Deanna E. Watson
The Domestic Violence Research and Advocacy Fellowship: Stephanie M. Stecklair
John F. Schmutz Corporate and Business Law Institute Fellowship: Randall S. MacTough
The Josiah Oliver Wolcott Fellowships: Michael R. Darbee, Geena Khomenko George, Brittany M. Giusini, Kristen S. Swift, and Michael S. Swoyer.

Achievement AwardsThe Howard M. Berg Award: Michael R. Darbee
The William J. Conner Memorial Award for Administrative Law: Brittany Giusini
The Nicole Cullison Scholarship Award: Caren L. Sydnor
The Honorable Joseph W. deFuria Commencement Award: Jessica M. Keough
The Judge J. Cullen Ganey Criminal Procedure Award: Sara M. Reedy
The Graham Foundation Award: Sean W. Develin
GreenWatch Institute Scholarship Award in Memory of Jerry Shields: David M. Secouler
GreenWatch Institute Award in Memory of June MacArtor: Holly C. Frey
GreenWatch Institute Award in Memory of Charles J. Zencey: Justin M. Forcier
The Reed Hamilton Memorial Award: Anthony Knapp
The Zelda K. Herrmann Memorial Cup Award: Sara M. Reedy
International Academy of Trial Lawyers Award: Timothy T. Vancosky
George B. Lindsay Foundation Award: Michael R. Darbee and Sara M. Reedy
The Thomas P. Lomax and Nicholas Theodore Memorial Award: Alison C. Fleming
Office of the Public Defender of State of Delaware Public Sector Law Award: Brett A. Hession
The Lucinda Peipher Memorial Award: Andrea L. Ciccone
The Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association James J. Manderino Award for Trial Advocacy: Caroline G. Donato
William Prickett Corporate Law Award: Geena Khomenko George
The Alexander V. Sarcione, Jr. Memorial Award: Joseph M. Hauschildt
The Dean Arthur A. Weeks Outstanding Service Award: Caren L. Sydnor
E. John Wherry Jr. Award: John P. Henry
William J. and Ella C. Wolf Award in Real Property Law: Jessica M. Keough
Charles J. Zencey Memorial Award: Harry B. Cook
Outstanding Service Awards: Brandon P. Accardi, Michelle V. Barone, Dominic A. Carrera, Michael R. Darbee, Kevin P. Diduch, Caroline G. Donato, Brittany M. Giusini, Liya Groysman, Emily M. Lorenzo, Amber J. Marsano, Christopher C. Pine, Kayleen Piszczek, Marta O. Skuza, Victoria R. Sweeney, Caren L. Sydnor, Deniz S. Uzel, Nicolle M. Vasconez, and Arielle K. Williams.