Food and Drug Law Association Celebrates Food Day with Moot Court Event
Web Editor - Published: November 14, 2013
On Wednesday, October 23rd, Widener Law’s student-run Food and Drug Law Association held a moot court session that examined the legality of horsemeat slaughtering and exportation for human consumption in the United States. The event was a mock appeal of an actual proceeding in New Mexico District Court, Front Range Equine Rescue et. al. v. Vilsack et. al., in which a temporary restraining order resulted in the closing of horse meat slaughtering facilities.

Adjunct Professor Roseann Termini and her Food and Drug Law class played host to the event, with students Michael Berkoqitz and Raymond Powers serving as attorneys. Students Joshua Forsman and David Shapiro served as the student-judges. Watch the accompanying video to see the students in action.