Professor Speaks at International Environmental Congress in Bogota
Web Editor - Published: November 5, 2013

Distinguished Professor and H. Albert Young Fellow in Constitutional Law David R. Hodas

On October 17, 2013 Distinguished Professor David R. Hodas, the H. Albert Young Fellow in Constitutional Law, spoke at the Center for Sustainable Development Studies’ (CEID Colombia) VI International Environmental Congress, in Bogota Columbia.

The Congress was devoted to the theme of “Corporate Innovation for Sustainability: Maintaining Competitiveness in a Changing Environment” and was organized around the book Corporation 2020: Transforming Business for Tomorrow’s World by Pavan Sukdhev (the Spanish language edition was launched at the Congress). Prof. Hodas spoke about "Incorporating ecosystem values into project evaluation and policy decision-making" and was on the concluding panel that assessed the lessons learned from the Congress. Prof. Hodas joined governmental, business and academic speakers from the United States, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands, as well as Colombia.

The Congress is renowned for the timeliness of the content, the quality of the international speakers who participate and for being a unique opportunity for Colombian leaders to obtain innovative information. During the Congress, CEID Colombia launched the Spanish version of Pavan Sukhdev’s book Corporation 2020: Transforming Business for Tomorrow’s World. The entire Congress was made carbon neutral, through the use of forestry offsets.

The Congress addressed a new model - “Corporation 2020” - for corporations in the emerging (and necessary) global, green economy and the opportunities that this new economic model brings. It explored how to create competitive corporations in the new green economy, analyzed successful experiences in the implementation of innovative, sustainable corporate models, and shared practical tools with the business and governmental sectors for innovative policies and strategies for sustainability.