Harrisburg Student Bar Association Holds Donation Drive to Benefit Humane Society of Harrisburg
Harrisburg Web Correspondent - Published: March 28, 2012
SBAAnimalDrive235The Harrisburg Student Bar Association is hosting a donation drive for the animals to benefit the Humane Society of Harrisburg from Monday, March 26 until Friday April 6.

Students and faculty are asked to make donations from the HSHA Wish List to help provide support for the animals in the Harrisburg area. Some of the items on the list include include: pet supplies, non-scoopable cat litter, kitten and puppy formula, toys (specifically Kongs, Buster Cubes, Busy Buddies, Rhino Bones, Tire Biters, & Nylabones), paper box lids (for litter boxes), indoor pens and crates, metal pet dishes, Frontline or TopSpot, small litter pans, sheets, towels, blankets (used or new), cleaning supplies, paper towels, garbage bags (any size), bleach, dust pans and brushes, and odor neutralizers.

The Humane Society of Harrisburg is an independent non-profit organization that does not receive funds from a national organization or the government and instead relies solely on donations from the community. The HSHA does not euthanize any adopted animals due to a lack of space but rather healthy animals remain in their shelter until they are adopted regardless of the length of their stay.

Students, staff, and faculty interested in participating may bring donations to the Pit.