Student Bar Associations Look Ahead to Productive Year
Web Editor and Harrisburg Web Correspondent - Published: August 30, 2012

“My advice for the 1Ls is to just stay on your own path and do what works for you. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Just do your work and work hard and you’ll be fine,” Harrisburg Student Bar Association President Kristin Potter advises first-year students.

On both campuses, the Student Bar Association represents an invaluable resource for both new and returning students, providing access to a wide variety of extra-curricular and public service activities for students looking to expand their law school experiences beyond the classroom.

On Wednesday, the 29th, the Delaware Student Bar Association sponsored Table Day on Main Street in the Main Law Building, allowing new students an opportunity to get to know some of the many organizations available for them to join.

The respective Student Bar Associations on each campus are planning a day of fun activities for Saturday, September 8th. In Harrisburg, the annual Dean’s Picnic will run from 12:00 pm until 4:00 pm on the grounds around the Student Organizations Building. In addition to food, beverages, games, prizes, and music, the event will offer a great opportunity for students to get to know fellow classmates, faculty, administrators and staff. In Delaware, the SBA will be sponsoring a Welcome Back Carnival to be held on the athletic field behind Shipley Hall.

In one of the accompanying videos, Harrisburg SBA President Kristin Potter discusses some of the events planned for the year, elections for class representatives, and the variety of student organizations available to students. In the other, Delaware SBA President Vijay Yellareddigari and several members of the Executive Board discuss some of the great initiatives that they have planned for the year ahead.