New Book by Thomas F. Liotti '76 Includes Look at Early Years of the Delaware Law School
Web Editor - Published: January 9, 2012
LiottiAndBook“Five hundred students were milling about in front of the school. It was summer. The ABA was in session. Our delegation was there. I was waiting with Dean Weeks in his office. The call came through. It was for me from Mr. Maddox. I was the first to know that the Board voted to affiliate with Widener. Word was sent to the ABA and their House of Delegates voted to give us provisional approval. I told Dean Weeks and then walked outside to tell the students,” writes Thomas F. Liotti ’76 of efforts to get ABA accreditation for the Delaware Law School in his new autobiographical book, The Secret Adoption.

The book features a pair of chapters focusing on Liotti’s personal reflections on his time at the fledgling law school. “For me, Delaware Law School, at least in earliest stages, was a beacon of hope for those who had a dream,” says Liotti. “We had a lot of people who really, really wanted to be lawyers,” he said of his classmates, adding, “People went out of their way to work at becoming lawyers.”

“We were students of the administrative process and of the law school, and that is a tremendous experience for future lawyers,” Liotti continues, noting that the early history of the school included a number of complexities related to the physical plant and the building of a library. “We became very critical of our own institution and we wanted it to be the best,” he says of those early struggles.

Discussing how the school has changed, he noted that it “It was very gratifying to see” the school’s current Brandywine campus when he visited several years ago.

During his time at Widener Law, Liotti served as the President of the Student Bar Association and was published in the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law. Since becoming a lawyer in 1977, Liotti has never stopped writing. He has published more than 200 law review, legal articles, and book reviews. He has published Op-Ed articles in every area newspaper including The New York Times; The Daily News; The N.Y. Post and Newsday. As a part time Village Justice first elected in 1991 he has published more than 36 decisions in New York Law Journal and the Official Reporter for New York State.

Liotti’s other books include Judge Mojo: The True Story of One Attorney’s Fight Against Judicial Terrorism as well as three books which he co-authored: Convictions, Political Prisoners, Their Stories; A Practice Guide for Village, Town and District Courts in New York; and DNA: Forensic and Legal Applications. In addition, he served as Editor-in-Chief for a 2008 volume entitled Domestic Violence published through the New York State Bar Association.

The Secret Adoption is now available through iUniverse, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon in hardcover, paperback, or eBook formats.