Widener Law student honored with inaugural “Student Peace Award”
Public Relations - Published: April 8, 2012
KraussKevin350pxWidener Law Dean Linda L. Ammons today congratulated second-year law student Kevin Krauss on being named the inaugural recipient of the Eisendrath Award, honoring Project for Nuclear Awareness Chairman and Cofounder Craig Eisendrath, a former U.S. Foreign Service Officer who dedicated his work to a nuclear weapons-free world.

Krauss received the honor March 29 during a dinner program at the WHYY Hamilton Public Commons on Independence Mall in Philadelphia. The award was presented by the Project for Nuclear Awareness with co-sponsorship from WHYY Studios. It honored Krauss for exhibiting a commitment to achieving a peaceful world, free from the threat of nuclear weapons through international peace and human rights initiatives.

The award was given at the same time the Project for Nuclear Awareness gave its Haas Award for International Peace and Social Justice to Dr. Helen Caldicott, a pediatrician and former co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Krauss moderated a question-and-answer discussion at the event between Caldicott and Trudy Rubin, foreign affairs columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Adjunct Professor James Ranney nominated Krauss for the honor. Ranney, who teaches international law for Widener, worked with Krauss as the two helped coach Widener Law’s Delaware campus team in preparation for the annual Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, held in February in Washington, D.C.

Krauss has served as president of the International Law Society, a student group on Widener Law’s Delaware campus, during the current academic year. In that role, he helped coordinate a November 2011 program that featured former U.S. Ambassador Thomas Graham Jr. in a dialogue-style event on nuclear disarmament. Graham, who is one of the nation’s leading diplomatic authorities on nuclear nonproliferation, has advised every American president since Ronald Regan on issues of nuclear weapons.

“I congratulate Kevin on this honor. He has been a leader on our Delaware campus and I am pleased to see his efforts – and his interests – recognized in this way. He has approached his legal education with a world view, and in our global society I am confident that will help make him a successful attorney,” Ammons said.

Krauss, 27, of West Chester, is the son of Steve Krauss of West Chester and Amy Herr of West Chester. He is the stepson of Stephen Devine of West Chester. Devine is a 1982 graduate of Widener Law.

Krauss said he was deeply honored to receive the award, and in his acceptance speech he thanked all that made it possible – including Eisendrath.

“The myriad of noble accomplishments of Mr. Eisendrath toward nuclear disarmament are both incredibly humbling and greatly inspiring,” Krauss said. “I pledge to you all here tonight that I will do my absolute best to live up to the expectations and legacy embodied by this award. Though I stand here a humble recipient of this award, Mr. Eisendrath, the true honor lies with you.

Krauss will graduate in May 2013 and is interested in working in the field of international law, with a focus on humanitarian and disarmament legal diplomacy.