Widener Law Faculty Prepare for Busy Summer
Web Editor - Published: June 1, 2011
Despite graduation and the passing of spring, Widener Law’s accomplished faculty will remain busy as they participate in a variety of conferences, workshops, speaking engagements, and other events throughout the course of the summer.

Some faculty members have already begun their busy summer schedules. Associate Professor Thaddeus Mason Pope gave the Z. Stanley Stys Memorial Lecture at Princeton University Medical Center on May 10th. His talk was titled Lessons from Seville: Identifying and Reducing Inappropriate End-of-Life Treatment in New Jersey. He also spoke on May 13th in Denver, Colorado at the American Thoracic Society and on May 20th at the 2011 National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) Elder and Special Needs Law Annual National Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

From May 19th through 20th, Associate Professor Jill E. Family attended the Emerging Immigration Law Scholars and Teachers Conference at American University Washington College of Law in Washington, D.C, where she moderated a panel and commented on a paper. Professor Family also served on the organizing committee for the conference.

Also in May, Professor Randy Lee helped with the sixth annual Pennsylvania Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (LCL) conference for the deans of students at Pennsylvania law schools, and he also be spoke on "Growing up to Be Like Atticus Finch" for the Classics Book Club in Falmouth, MA.

Widener Law’s extraordinary faculty will be involved in many more such events throughout the summer:

  • On June 2nd, Dionne Anthon, Anna Hemingway, and Amanda Smith will present "Adding Collaborative and Formative Feedback Opportunities to Your Classes: How Grading by Design and Working Together Save the Day," with Christy DeSanctis and Jessica Clark of George Washington University School of Law at the Institute for Law Teaching and Learning Conference to be held at New York Law School.
  • Also on June 2nd, Nicholas Mirkay will present his current work-in-progress, “International Philanthropy and the Public Policy Doctrine: A Modern Conundrum," at the Law and Society annual meeting in San Francisco.
  • On June 3rd, Jules Epstein will be lecturing at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute's annual Criminal Law Symposium, for which he is a course planner for the capital case (death penalty) track.
  • Jules Epstein will also lecture the Louisiana state judges and Bar on DNA issues as part of that state's annual judicial education program on June 5th.
  • On June 7th, Thaddeus Pope will present Ethics, End-of-Life Care, and the Law: Overview for APNs at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey.
  • On June 10th, Thaddeus Pope will present Safe Harbor Immunity: The Right Prescription for Providers' 'Bad Law' Claims and Hyper Risk Averseness? at the 34th Annual ASLME Health Law Professors Conference in Chicago, Illinois.
  • From June 12 through June 16, John Capowski will be a working group discussion leader at the Association of American Law Schools' curriculum and clinical conferences.
  • On June 24th, Legal Methods Professors Alison Kehner and Mary Ann Robinson will be presenters at the 2011 Biennial Conference of the Association of Legal Writing Directors (ALWD). The conference will be held at the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California from June 23rd to June 25th. Professors Kehner and Robinson will present “Professionalism Illustrated on Film: A Platform for Discussion by Law Students and Lawyers.”
  • Anna Hemingway will serve on a panel at the Association of Legal Writing Directors "Leadership for the Second Wave" Conference in Sacramento, California in June. The panel will discuss "Constructing a Scholarly Persona." She will also be presenting "The Work of Leading a Law School Class Successfully: Re-envisioning Classroom Dynamics Under Leadership Principles" at the conference.
  • Jules Epstein will be teaching in the advanced evidence course at the National Judicial College in Reno, Nevada.
  • From June 26th through July 1st, Michael Slinger will participate in the annual Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College. The event brings together 400 scholars and students of the American Civil War who attend lectures, discussion groups, debates and field trips to Civil War battlefields and other related historic sites. For 2011, the theme is Mobilizing for War and the Battle of First Manassas/Bull Run. Dean Slinger teaches a seminar on Legal Issues of the American Civil War, and the institute always covers a number of legal issues arising from the War that helps inform his teaching.
  • From July 7-10th, Thaddeus Pope will participate in the Australasian Association of Bioethics and Health Law 2011 Conference in Queensland, Australia. He will present Divergent Legal Approaches to Medical Futility Disputes: Comparing Australia and the United States.
  • In mid-July, John Capowski will return to China to present at the Third International Symposium on Evidence Law in Beijing.
  • Anna Hemingway will present "Social Networking and Legal Ethics: Don't Talk to Strangers" on July 28 at the PBA Young Lawyers Division Summer Conference being held in Cumberland, Maryland.
  • In her capacity as Chair of the Immigration Committee of the Administrative Law Section of the American Bar Association, Jill Family will attend the annual meeting of the American Bar Association in Toronto in August.
  • Randy Lee will participate in a live ethics CLE program for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Mechanicsburg entitled "Bob Dylan and the Art of Taking Legal Ethics Seriously." He will also be involved in another three hour ethics program for PBI in the same cities with Tom McGough and the Honorable Judge Maureen Lally-Green entitled "Lincoln on Professionalism."
  • Jules Epstein will lecture on death penalty law, in particular on mental health issues in death penalty cases, for the National Judicial College via videoconference to state court appellate judges.