Award Ceremonies Honor Outstanding Students
Web Editor - Published: April 29, 2011

Outstanding students on both the Delaware and Harrisburg campuses were recently honored for their achievements at separate awards ceremonies held on each campus.

The Delaware campus held its award ceremony in the Ruby R. Vale Moot Courtroom on the evening of Wednesday, April 20th, while the Harrisburg campus held its ceremony in room A180 on Tuesday, April 26th.

The Dean’s Award, given annually to the graduating student who has demonstrated outstanding legal aptitude, exemplary service, significant leadership skills and the potential to become an outstanding member of the legal community, went to Ryann M. Buckman on the Delaware campus and Peri Fluger on the Harrisburg campus.

The President’s Award, which is awarded to a second-year student who has demonstrated high scholastic achievement and possess high potential for meaningful future contributions to the law school, the community, and the profession, went to Steven Jones on the Harrisburg campus and Ashley S. Harron on the Delaware campus.

Kirsten Kutler was named valedictorian for the Harrisburg campus.

A complete listing of the other awards follows.

Scholarship Awards (Delaware)
  • Alfred Avins Memorial Scholarship: Roger E. Gibson
  • Bank of America Scholarship: Jeremy J. Riley
  • The Howard M. Berg Scholarship: Jamie K. McCloskey
  • The E. Wallace Chadwick Memorial Scholarship: William J. Mulgrew
  • The Harvey Alan Chernoff Memorial Scholarship: William J. Fritze
  • The Esther F. Clark Memorial Scholarship: David B. DiDonato
  • The Honorable Joseph W. deFuria Scholarship: Joshua Inkell
  • Delaware Association of Lawyers’ Spouses Scholarship: Brandi C. Everett
  • The Honorable William Duffy Memorial Scholarship: Ostin M. Warren
  • Nancy and Howard Finkelman Scholarship: Dawn K. Pinault
  • Friends of Widener University School of Law Scholarship: Beth H. Steinberg
  • The Honey F. Golby Memorial Scholarship: Robert S. Hunt and Jeffrey J. Dunn
  • The Honorable Ned L. Hirsh Memorial Scholarship: Nigel S. Scott
  • The Fairfax Leary, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Michael J. Follett
  • The Paul Isaac Leiter Memorial Scholarship: Suzanne O. Lufadeju
  • The Honorable Alan B. Levin Scholarship: Rachel A. Guallpa
  • The Thomas S. Lodge Memorial Scholarship: Zachary J. Zahner
  • The Charles P. Mirarchi, Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Christophe E. Clark
  • The Bruce M. and Elizabeth M. Monroe Endowed Scholarship: Ni Yan and Eli D. Russeck
  • The Angelina and Victor Piccone Memorial Scholarship: Andrea L. Ciccone
  • Dean Anthony J. Santoro Scholarship: Suzanne O. Lufadeju
  • The Alexander V. Sarcione, Jr. Scholarship: Jennette L. Von Bargen
  • The Taishoff Family Endowed Scholarship: Paul G. Weaver
  • The Bernard S. Wildstein Scholarship: David C. Zerbato
Scholarship Awards (Harrisburg)
  • Alfred Avins Memorial Scholarship: Daniel DiMaria
  • George C Blissman, Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Kristy Kirk
  • E. Wallace Chadwick Memorial Scholarship: Patrick Gallo
  • Honorable James C. Crumlish Scholarship: Whitney Snyder
  • Edmund Dobrowolski Memorial Scholarship: Erica Scavone
  • Pamela K. Karpouzis Memorial Scholarship: Janaki Theivakumaran
  • Bruce M. & Elizabeth M. Monroe Scholarship: Anthony Czuchnicki
  • Dean Anthony J. Santoro Scholarship: Peri Fluger
  • William I. Schaffer Memorial Scholarship: Kirsten Kutler
  • John C. Warrington Memorial Scholarship: Dougie Chon
Fellowships (Delaware)
  • The Chadwick Constitutional Education Fellowships: Nicole L. Phillips and Gregory P Skolnik
  • The Domestic Violence Research and Advocacy Fellowship: Lori L. Weckerly
  • The DuPont Public Interest Fellowships: Laura E. Nowicki and Nicole L. Phillps
  • The Josiah Oliver Wolcott Fellowships: David B. DiDonato, Feliks Finkel, David P. Hiester, Alyssa S. Rothman, and Yuanyou Yang.
Commercial Bar Review Awards (Delaware)
  • Barbri of Pennsylvania and New Jersey: Ryann M. Buckman, Ryan M. Turner, and Lori L. Weckerly.
  • Kaplan PMBR: Damiano P. del Pino and Ancy Oommen.
  • Widener Delaware Bar Review: Brenda A. Wise
Student Achievement Awards (Delaware)
  • The Howard M. Berg Award: Ryann M. Buckman
  • The William J. Conner Memorial Award for Administrative Law: Daniel C. Lang
  • The Nicole Cullison Memorial Award: Gregory J. Norton
  • The Honorable Joseph W. deFuria Award: Michael J. Follett
  • The Judge J. Cullen Ganey Criminal Procedure Award: Kevin L. Hooper
  • The Graham Foundation Award: Nina J. Staggers
  • GreenWatch Institute Scholarship Award in Memory of Jerry Shields: Elizabeth N. Elidrissi
  • GreenWatch Institute Award in Memory of Charles J. Zencey: Desiré M. Chavez
  • The Reed Hamilton Memorial Award: Shannon M. Mace
  • The Zelda K. Herrmann Memorial Cup Award: Destiny A. Prater
  • The Patricia N. Holston Memorial Award for Public Interest Pro Bono Service: Mark D. Taylor
  • International Academy of Trial Lawyers Award: Mary V. Deady
  • Lindsay Law Library Award: Shannon M. Larner and Adrienne L. Robertson
  • The Thomas P. Lomax and Nicholas Theodore Memorial Award: Robert S. Hunt
  • The Most Promising Civil Litigator Award: Laura E. Nowicki
  • The Lucinda Peipher Memorial Award:Yuanyou Yang
  • The Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association James J. Manderino Award for Trial Advocacy: Christopher B. DiMuzio
  • The Alexander V. Sarcione, Jr. Memorial Award: Andrew M. Grous
  • The Dean Arthur A. Weeks Outstanding Service Award: Elizabeth N. Elidrissi
  • E. John Wherry Jr. Award: Melissa H. Paris
  • William J. and Ella C. Wolf Award in Real Property Law: Adrienne L. Robertson
  • Charles J. Zencey Memorial Award: John P. Cecere
  • Outstanding Student Service Awards: Ryann M. Buckman, Damiano P. del Pino, Joshua Inkell, Eric J. Laury, Jamie K. McCloskey, Destiny A. Prater, Michelle L. Sanginiti, Nina J. Staggers, and Celisse N. Williams.
Student Achievement Awards (Harrisburg)
  • ALI-ABA Scholarship & Leadership Award: James Hoppenjans
  • American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Eric D. Turner Award: Amber Moll
  • American Bankruptcy Institute Medal of Excellence: Caleb Zimmerman
  • James S. Bowman American Inn of Court Award: Harold Gabler
  • John A. Fillion Memorial Award: Kara Scarboro
  • Commerical Bar Provider Awards: Michael Albanese, James Hoppenjans, Karin Judge, and Devyn Zachary
  • Commonwealth Court Historical Society – Judge Alexander F. Barbieri Award: Stefanie Pitcavage
  • E. John Wherry, Jr. Award: Adam Barr
  • International Academy of Trial Lawyers Student Advocacy Award: Elizabeth Anzalone
  • Legal Research and Writing Award: Kirsten Kutler, Martin Wade
  • Widener Law – Harrisburg Best First Year Appellate Brief Award: Tricia Lontz
  • Most Promising Civil Litigator Award: Katie Pilgren
  • Outstanding Clinical Advocacy Award: Jennifer Silva
  • Outstanding Law & Government Student Award: James Hoppenjans
  • Outstanding Pro Bono Service Award: Ashley A. Adams
  • Dean Anthony J. Santoro Outstanding Service Award: Devyn Zachary
  • Moot Court Honor Society Outstanding Executive Board Member: Colleen Cavanaugh
  • Trial Advocacy Honor Society Outstanding Executive Board Member: Karin Judge
  • Widener Law Journal Award for Distinguished Legal Scholarship: Martin Wade
  • Outstanding Service Awards: James D. Blythe, Anthony Czuchnicki, Valerie Davis, Paul Edger, Camille Fundora, Karin Judge, Kristy Kirk, Abbey Lewis, Catherine Malycke, Jonathan McVey, Kristen Sidari, and Mark Wieder
  • Distinguished Service Award: Jennifer Silva