Delaware Campus Once Again Adopting Families in Need
Web Editor - Published: December 9, 2011

In the above video, Assistant Dean and Registrar Dottie Hemphill discusses the Adopt a Family Program.

With Christmas nearing, members of the Widener Law Community are once again offering a helping hand to those in need. The annual Widener Law Center and Clinic Adopt a Family Program has chosen five deserving families from the Delaware Civil Law Clinic and the Pennsylvania Civil Law Clinic in need to provide with food, clothing, and toys for Christmas. An addition family from the Veterans Law Clinic may be adopted as well.

The Adopt a Family Program offers members of the Widener Law community a wonderful opportunity to provide hope during the holiday season. Each of the families for the program are chosen by clinic students who want to help them with more than just their legal needs.

Students, faculty, staff, and friends of the Law Center are encouraged to bring new clothing and toys or very gently used items to the Registrar’s office by Tuesday, December 20th. Items should be marked with the family and person to receive the item. Non-perishable food items can also be dropped off at the Registrar’s Office. Faculty and staff are also encouraged to participate in a “wrapping” party to take place on Tuesday, December 20th. Further Information about what to donate for the adopted families can be obtained from Dottie Hemphill in the Registrar’s Office.

Below is a list of the adopted families and their needs.

FAMILY A: Delaware Civil Clinic (Domestic Violence).
This mother and her two children have been terrorized by the children’s father. The mother suffered injuries that included several broken bones and a sixteen hour reconstructive facial surgery that left her unrecognizable but thankful for her life.

Son age 14: Size XL in Men's shirts and 38/32 in pants, size 13 shoes
He has an xbox 360 kinect
Anything baseball related

Daughter age 8: Size 8-10 in children's clothing, size 2 shoes
Arts and crafts, books and Legos

Mother: Size 6 pant, size M shirts and size 9 in shoes

FAMILY B: Delaware Civil Clinic (Domestic Violence)
Mother and 3 children, ages 6, 10 and 14. She was brave enough to leave her abusive marriage after her husband strangled her and hit one of the children. She wakes up around 5:00 am to go to work to provide for her family, working very hard to barely make ends meet. In order to feed her children, she collects food stamps. She spends all her time trying to shield her children from the abuse and wants nothing more than to provide them with a Happy Holiday.

Son age 14: boots, size 13; clothes: shirt size (xl), pant size 42/42, shoe size 13, and a ps3

Son age 10: clothes, ps3, TV, controllers for xbox 360 & wii , games for wii, shirt size (L), pant size (12),

Son age 6: clothes, shoes, spider man toys, Nintendo ds, shoe size (13), shirt (L), pants size (7)

Mom: jewelry, perfume, boots (sz 8),

Family gifts requested: Ipod touch

FAMILY C: Delaware Civil Clinic (Domestic Violence)
Mother and her four children. Mother has been living on her own with her four children for almost a year now. They have been through a lot over the last few years, and she is working hard to try to keep their lives as normal as possible. Mother obtained a degree from Del Tech, and is currently looking for work to try and support her children.

Son age 14: Clothing- Size 14 Shoe 5.5
Likes- Books, games, basketball

Son age 12: Clothing Size 12 Shoe 4.5
Color- Blue or Grey
Likes- Race Cars, games, books, football

Daughter, age 8: Clothing 10-12 Shoe 4
Color- Pink, Purple
Likes- dolls, books, make up stuff, nail polish, nails.

Daughter, age 6: Clothing- Size 8 Shoe Kids 12
Color- Pink
Likes- dolls, books, nail polish, make up etc.

Mother: Shirt- XXL
Color- Pink or Red
Likes- Pajama's and books.

FAMILY D: Delaware Civil Clinic (Domestic Violence)
Grandmother who is raising her 4 grandsons. The children’s mother was brutally murdered by the father of two of the children in front of three of the children earlier this year. Grandmother is struggling financially, as she often worked overtime just to take care of her own basic needs. She is attempting to raise four boys with very little family support and resources. The children range from just under two to twelve years old and require more than grandmother is able to provide.

The children are requesting Sponge Bob Square Pants videos or games, a PS3 and the appropriate accessories.

Grandson 12 years old: pants 16,shirt L, shoes 10.5, clothes and shoes

Grandson 10 years old: pants 10, shirt M, shoes 3, clothes and shoes

Grandson 3 years old: pants 5T, shirt 4T, shoes 12, clothes and shoes

Grandson age 1.5: 2T, size, clothes and shoes

FAMILY E: Pennsylvania Civil Clinic
Mom is a single mother of three children. She does her best to provide for her children but they would benefit from your generosity. Mom has little income. She receives Social Security Disability, and her family would benefit from additional support over the upcoming holidays. The family is of the Muslim faith; therefore they should not receive any gifts specific to religions.

Daughter, age 13: She would love to receive a laptop, earrings (10K, because she has sensitive ears), or an Ipod (touch, 34g, 4th generation if possible).

Son, age 3: He would love a Thomas pillow pet (they’re sold at Walmart). He would also like undershirts (size 4T), socks (size 5, boys), and boys pull ups (size 5T).

Daughter, age 2: She would like a hat and gloves (size 3T), socks (size 5, girls), diapers (size Lg), and Huggies wipes (natural care, because she has sensitive skin).

Mom would greatly appreciate some bras (size 36A, with no underwire). She also has a winter coat on layaway at Burlington Coat Factory. Mom could use a gift card to Burlington Coat Factory to help her pay off the coat.