ABA Publishes Book on Evidence Co-Edited By Jules Epstein
Web Editor - Published: June 3, 2011
The American Bar Association recently released a new book co-edited by Associate Professor Jules Epstein that examines the impact of science and technology on the future of evidence law.

The Future of Evidence: How Science & Technology Will Change the Practice of Law features chapters on digital visual evidence, DNA, the child witness, evidence, privacy and technology, and more. Stetson University College of Law Professor Carol Henderson, the founding director of the National Clearinghouse for Science, Technology and the Law co-edited the volume with Epstein.

Professor Epstein offers some insights into notable chapters:
  • “The Future of Neuroscientific Evidence,” discusses the current state of “brain science” evidence, including both its foreseeable potential and whether “revolutionary” claims about this science have merit in the adjudicative process.
  • “The Social Construction of the Admissibility of the Most Frequently Proffered Varieties of Expert Testimony” is more law- focused, discussing the gatekeeping role and how judges have used a variety of factors to arrive at decisions about the admissibility of expert evidence and testimony.
  • “The Juror and Courtroom of the Future” discusses the electronic transformation of the courtroom, both in terms of the increasing use of multimedia presentations of evidence and the transformation of the courtroom from a “landlocked” institution to one with an online or virtual aspect as proceedings are teleconferenced or otherwise conducted in multiple locations. In each of these settings, the chapter explores the needs and demands of the fact finders: the jurors.
  • “Evidence, Privacy and Technology” traverses subjects as diverse as “digital dossiers and jury selection” and “privacy and evidence gathering,” both critical matters in light of the increasing availability of seemingly private information via the Internet.
For more information, or to order the book, visit the ABA’s website.