Delaware Supreme Court to hear oral arguments at Widener Law
Public Relations - Published: April 12, 2011
SupremesPromo2011Widener University School of Law is pleased to announce the Delaware Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the Wilmington campus on Wednesday, April 20. The Court will convene in the Ruby R. Vale Moot Courtroom to hear three cases beginning at 10 a.m.

Each case will be heard by a three-justice panel. They are:

10 a.m. Dr. Santosh Reddy v. PMA Insurance Co. This appeal of an action for contribution in a matter of medical negligence comes from Superior Court for Sussex County.

11 a.m. Valerie I. Anderson v. State of Delaware. This is an appeal from Superior Court for New Castle County involving a decision to revoke Anderson’s driver’s license after finding she was a habitual driving offender. A Common Pleas Court judge first ruled she was a habitual offender and suspended her license, then vacated the order later the same day after giving the matter more thought in chambers. The case was appealed to Superior Court, which agreed with the Common Pleas Court judge’s first finding, and decided Anderson was a habitual driving offender.

Attorney Santino Ceccotti, who represents Anderson, is a 2006 Widener Law alumnus.

Noon. Matthew Phlipot v. State of Delaware. This is an appeal of convictions for fourth-degree rape and witness tampering out of Superior Court for Sussex County. The victim was a minor female who began a consensual relationship with Phlipot after meeting him through his position as a volunteer basketball coach at her school in Lincoln, Del.

Attorney Abby L. Adams, who represents the Delaware Department of Justice, is a 1997 Widener Law alumna.

“This annual visit from the Delaware Supreme Court is a highlight of our spring semester at Widener Law,” Dean Linda L. Ammons said. “The Court’s presence enriches the legal education experience for our students and we are grateful for this access. The opportunity to watch the Court in action provides a valuable teaching tool.”

The arguments will mark the fifth consecutive year the Court has visited the law school. The oral arguments are open to the public and will follow the same protocol the Court uses when it sits in its own courtroom in Dover.

Everyone who attends the hearings must submit to a security check before entering the Vale Courtroom. Capitol Police will be on campus the day of oral arguments to provide security for the Court, as the officers normally do when the Court sits in Dover. No one may enter or exit the courtroom after an oral argument has started, although entry and exit between oral arguments are permitted. Anyone who creates a disturbance must leave the courtroom and may not return, and the Court prohibits outward displays of emotion by people in the gallery.

Food, drink, BlackBerry devices and all other portable electronic devices including phones of any kind will not be allowed in the courtroom.

Additional questions about the Court’s policy on electronic media coverage may be directed to Delaware Supreme Court Administrator Stephen D. Taylor at 302.577.8742.

All press planning to attend are asked to notify the Widener Public Relations Office in advance at 302.477.2175.