Harrisburg Faculty and Students Volunteer as Bartenders at Fundraiser
Harrisburg Correspondent - Published: September 27, 2010
Harrisburg campus faculty and students volunteered as celebrity bartenders on Thursday, September 23, 2010 to raise money for this year’s Relay for Life. A total of $1,322.46 was raised at the event, which was held at Molly Brannigan’s in downtown Harrisburg from 9 p.m. to midnight.

The faculty bartenders included Vice Dean Robyn Meadows and Professors Benjamin Barros, John Capowski, Jennifer Lear, and Christopher Robinette. Students who bartended include Tim Condus, Charles Lamari, Hal Mehta, Kristin Sidari, Sam Synder, and Harrisburg SBA President Devyn Zachary.

Students were served drinks by their professors and fellow classmates and in return all tips went to Relay for Life.

Professor Lear said, “I'm sure the big draw for Thursday's record-breaking fundraiser was supporting Relay for Life, but the bonus for our philanthropic students was watching professors serve glasses more full of foam than beer while struggling to calculate correct change.”

Vice Dean Meadows also agreed that the night was successful; “Bartending is hard work! I definitely have a newfound respect for those who do it every night. It was great fun to tend bar with the other professors and interact with the students, all for a great cause. “

The Harrisburg campus will hold a Relay for Life event on Saturday, October 16th to benefit the American Cancer society.