Blogs Capture Experience of Summer Programs
Web Editor - Published: June 30, 2010
SummerBlogsPromoWidener Law’s four exciting Summer Study Abroad Programs have begun, and those interested can check in on what is happening in Nairobi, Kenya or Lausanne, Switzerland by following along at the respective blogs. In addition, students serving as Global Health Law Ambassadors have begun writing about their experiences interning for a variety of agencies.

Associate Professor Jules Epstein has been blogging from Kenya since June 14th. Posting on trip to Lake Naivasha, writing, “This past weekend, 10 of the student attendees and the two faculty directors traveled to Lake Naivasha for two days of boating past hippos, walking among zebras and other animals on a peninsula, and hiking and climbing in Hells Gate gorge. Several individuals bicycled from the mouth of the park to the gorge entrance, and in the 7 kilometers saw zebras, gazelles, and even warthogs. At the lodge, monkeys clambered around outside of our rooms.” He has also written on the beautiful beaches of Kenya, the beginning of classes, and a safari at the Shaba National Reserve.

Second-year student Ashley Talley has been writing of her experiences in Lausanne, Switzerland, offering her thoughts on visits to the World Health Organization in Geneva and a trip to Paris including a visit to the Eiffel Tower. While discussing the beautiful surroundings of picturesque Lausanne, Ashley noted, “After realizing the futility of attempting to study in such surroundings, we packed up and headed back to our rooms. With readings still left to complete for class and looking at the window while I write this blog, it’s hard for me to imagine attending school in such a glorious environment. I’m sure reality will set in when we begin classes on Monday.”

Meanwhile, the students serving as Global Health Law Ambassadors have begun writing about their experiences working for their assigned agencies. Celisse Williams posted about her initial experience working at United Nations Millennium Development Campaign office in New York. Nate Trexler discussed his position with the Health and Consumer Goods division of the International Trade Administration of the United States Department of Commerce in Washington. Linda Zhang, working for the same organization as Nate Trexler, shared a bit about the project she is working on, “Researching how the funds provided by President Obama’s newly implemented Global Health Initiative (GHI) will affect the procurement of U.S. pharmaceuticals and medical devices.”

Feel free to follow along with Professor Epstein and Ashley’s thoughts by visiting the Nairobi or Switzerland blogs, or check out the experiences of the Global Health Law Ambassadors at the Global Health Law Blog.