Clinic Students Receive Oath from Delaware Supreme Court Justice
Web Editor - Published: January 27, 2010
“It is important for you to conduct yourself as an officer of the court,” concluded Delaware Supreme Court Justice Randy J. Holland after administering an oath admitting four students to the limited practice of law. Justice Holland opened his remarks by thanking the students for their interest in public service.

On Monday, Janurary 25, 2010, Delaware Civil Clinic student Michael B. Paich and Environmental & Natural Resources Law Clinic students Laura Kaplan, Christianna Kersey, and Nisha Mehta were sworn in under Rule 56, which permits them to appear in before certain Delaware courts in a limited capacity under the supervision of their Professors.

Adjunct Professor Janine Howard O’Rangers presented Mr. Paich for admittance to the limited practice of law, while Associate Professor Ken Kristl, Director of the Environmental & Natural Resources Law Clinic, presented the other three students. Michael Paich will join Brian Searls and Elizabeth A. Smith, who were sworn in under Rule 56 in the fall as part of their work with the Delaware Civil Clinic.

Calling the Professors involved with the clinics “excellent models of behavior” for their students, Justice Holland noted, “In Delaware, you can’t be admitted to practice before the bar in a full or limited capacity unless you are sworn in before one of the five Supreme Court Justices.”