Professor Provides First Year Students Suggestions for Getting the Most Out of Class
Harrisburg Correspondent - Published: November 2, 2009
On Tuesday, October 27th, Associate Professor Christopher J. Robinette held a one-hour information session for first year students at the Harrisburg campus on “How to get the Most Out of Class.”

Robinette explained that in undergraduate school, you go to class to learn, while in law school students need to understand the material before they go to class. Therefore, students need to alter their studying skills, as well as how they prepare and participate, and also what they do after class.

Offering practical advice on how do each of those things and go beyond the work done during class time, he also touched on how to adapt to the use of the Socratic Method of teaching used in law school. Finally, he gave valuable suggestions to those students worrying about outlining for exams.