Professor Katherine Mason Jones Takes a Look at Economic Regulation
Web Editor - Published: March 24, 2009
On Wednesday, March 18th, Associate Professor Katherine Mason Jones spoke to fellow faculty members about her research, currently titled, “Federalism and Concurrent Jurisdiction in Global Markets: Why a combination of National and State Antitrust Enforcement Provides a Model for Effective Economic Regulation.”

“The large problem, is that we need to rethink how to regulate effectively in international markets. I think right now, there is pretty widespread consensus that the United States law doesn’t do that very effectively,” said Professor Jones in her opening remarks, adding, “Globalization creates areas of overlapping regulatory jurisdiction, and therefore, potential for conflict.” She also touched on the overlapping of federal and state statutes within U.S. law and the few areas where the two differ.

MasonJOnesWorkshopPromoProfessor Jones discussed the debate over federalism in antitrust enforcement as well as how multiple jurisdictions interacted with each other in the antitrust cases against Microsoft and Intel. She also covered the role of Congress, prosecutorial discretion, and offered an in-depth look at the interaction between state and federal law as it applies to antitrust enforcement.

The faculty members in attendance offered several helpful comments and suggestions and asked many questions to help Professor Jones focus her research moving forward.