Delaware Campus SBA Launches New Website
Web Editor - Published: November 8, 2009
SBABlogPromoWidener Law’s Delaware campus Student Bar Association proudly announces the launch of a new SBA website.

“The 2008-2009 SBA executive board wanted to create a website that would provide a central location for students to obtain information regarding campus events and actions taken by the SBA,” says current SBA President Destiny Prater, adding, “The project did not come to fruition last year. The current SBA executive board built on the ideas and design of the previous board.”

The Student Bar Association hopes that the new website will keep students informed about what’s going on around campus and provide a hub for increased communication in the student community. “We have placed many sections on the website including quick reference links to pages on the main Widener Law website, an outline bank for students to access, a calendar with upcoming events, a marketplace intended to facilitate the sale of books, study aids and other items such as apartments for rent,” asserts Destiny before adding, “We have designed this website to be interactive with online polls, questions of the day and topic blogs in hopes that more students will invest interest and time in Widener and the SBA and actively participate in their education.”

The website will serve an active role in furthering the SBA’s mission as well, allowing the executive board to “reach out to students and provide them with opportunities to network with alumni and legal professionals, to provide activities to promote the mental health of students, and to respond to student needs and concerns.”

“We hope that the website will provide insightful feedback to us so that we may target our activities and actions to student requests,” says Destiny. “Two years of SBA executive boards have worked hard to make this dream a reality. We are very excited about this website and its potential.”