Widener Law participates at University of Oregon Conference on Human Rights and the Environment
Published: February 25, 2009
OregonConference09A few weeks ago Bolivia joined about 70 other countries that have constitutions embodying a substantive fundamental right to a “clean,” “healthful,” "quality" or “favorable” environment. Only a handful of these "fundamental environmental rights" provisions, however, have been subject to judicial review. Professor Jim May was a featured speaker who discussed (1) the extent courts enforce these provisions, (2) whether they are effective in making actionable a basic human right to a quality environment, and (3) the factors that help explain these outcomes.

Professor Erin Daly will be co-author on the accompanying published article.

Other speakers, pictured right, included Professor John Bonine from the University of Oregon, Justice Velasco of the Supreme Court of the Phillipines, Professor David Hunter from American University, Michelle Platt (a student at U of O on the Oregon Review of International Law), Professor Rock Pring from Denver Law School, and Lalanath DeSilvio, from the World Resource Institute in Washington, DC.