Widener Law Professor Lectures on Global Democracy in Austria
Web Editor - Published: February 1, 2009
strauss peace univ“Many of my students had worked in the world’s conflict zones and had an great depth of experience.  I felt a real bond with them, and I learned a tremendous amount,” says Distinguished Professor of Law Andrew Strauss of his opportunity to teach at the European University Center for Peace Studies located in Stadtschlaining, Austria.

An international organization with no governmental ties, the European University Center for Peace Studies, or EPU, was founded in 1988 with the mission of spreading peace. Recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO, the EPU pulls in students from across the world. The program seeks to give scientific and educational support to global peace and promotes policies such as sustainable development, cooperative responsibility and ecological security.

From December 15th to December 19th of 2008, Professor Strauss visited at the European University Center for Peace Studies. He spoke to students from across the world, including countries such as Afghanistan and Zimbabwe, about global democracy and the idea of a global parliament.