Law Journals Prepare for Summer Writing Competitions
Web Editor - Published: May 5, 2008

May marks the start of summer writing competitions for the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law, Widener Law Review, Widener Law Journal, and Widener Journal of Law, Economics, and Race. These summer writing competitions offer an invaluable opportunity for students to earn a place with one of these journals. Students who work on a law review develop important research and writing skills that are highly valued by prospective employers.

The summer writing competitions are open to first-year regular division students in their second semester and second-year extended division students who will have completed 30 credits by the end of the semester and have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.7. Students will receive notification about acceptance by early August.

The Delaware Journal of Corporate Law’s summer writing competition will involve an environmental law issue. Beginning May 5th, you may pick up a competition packet in person at the journal’s office in Polishook Hall between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday before May 30th, or between 8am and 5:45pm Monday through Thursday after May 30th. Alternatively, you may pick up a competition packet at the library or download it through TWEN by adding “The Delaware Journal of Corporate Law Summer Write-On Competition” course. Submissions are due by 4pm three weeks from the time that you pick up or download the packet. June 23rd is the last day to pick up a competition packet.

The Widener Law Review’s summer writing competition involves an 8th Amendment Issue. You will receive the full topic when you receive the competition packet. Packets will be available through TWEN from 12:00pm on May 5th until 12:00pm on June 23rd. For more information, visit the Widener Law Review’s website. Submissions are due three weeks after downloading the competition packet.

Students interested in the Widener Law Journal’s summer writing competition will have three weeks to write a survey on a Pennsylvania administrative law issue. The purpose of the summer writing competition is to test a student’s analytical and writing skills. Competition materials will be available on TWEN on the evening of Tuesday May 13th, and all materials must be submitted by Monday, June 2nd.

The new Widener Journal of Law, Economics, and Race’s summer writing competition is open to students from both the Delaware and Harrisburg campuses. Students will have an opportunity to comment on a recent Supreme Court case, involving racial retaliation claims in an employment context. The competition packet will be available to Delaware students on May 5th and Harrisburg students on June 9th. The competition packet can be downloaded through TWEN, and the Widener Journal of Law, Economics, and Race’s TWEN password is 19WJLER54.  The final day for submissions is July 11th, and students will be notified of acceptance on August 3rd. If you have any further questions, send an email to

Take advantage of these summer writing competitions to earn a place on one of Widener Law’s prestigious journals.