Pizza and Politics: Election Series Looks at the Supreme Court
Web Editor - Published: October 8, 2008
On Monday, October 6th, the Pizza and Politics series explored the impact that the presidential election could have on the future of the Supreme Court. Students, faculty, and staff congregated in the student lounge for an engaging discussion led by Widener Distinguished Professor of Law Robert Lipkin and Professor Laura Ray.

The wide-ranging discussion invited participation from both students and faculty members in the audience and touched on a number of topics, including what each candidate has said about his philosophy for choosing judicial nominees, the potential for a shift in the balance of liberals and conservatives on the Supreme Court, and whether or not Roe v. Wade could be overturned if McCain replaces retiring moderate or liberal justices with more conservative ones. Professor Lipkin asked if the existence of the Supreme Court is undemocratic, engaging in a lively exchange with Professor Alan Garfield and Professor Jules Epstein about whether or not that issue was too abstract to raise when voters should be focused on the political realities a mere four weeks before the election.

Professor Erin Daly asked Professor Ray and Professor Lipkin what questions they would ask a Supreme Court nominee if they were on the Judiciary Committee. Professor Ray responded, “Which Supreme Court Justice or Justices do you admire?” Professor Lipkin answered that he would ask the candidate about his or her political philosophy.

The discussion offered everyone a great opportunity to reflect on how this election could affect the Supreme Court, and how those changes could shape the country. An important point of connection between politics and the law, the federal judiciary provided a fertile topic of conversation, and brought out passionate thoughts and comments from the assembled audience.

The next Pizza and Politics discussion will be on Tuesday, October 14th at 12 pm in the student lounge off of Main Street. Associate Dean Susan Goldberg and Professor Andrew Fichter will lead a discussion about health care policy.
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