Pizza and Politics: Election Series Looks at Vice Presidential Nominees
Web Editor - Published: October 2, 2008
The Pizza and Politics series continued on Tuesday, September 30th, with students, faculty, and staff gathering in the student lounge to eat pizza and discuss the 2008 Election. Professors Robert Hayman and Paul Regan led a discussion about the vice presidential nominees in advance of the debate between Senator and Widener Law adjunct professor Joseph Biden and Governor Sarah Palin scheduled for Thursday night.

Professor Hayman opened with personal observations on Senator Biden, with whom he has co-taught a seminar on Issues in Constitutional Law since 2003, and Professor Regan followed with some opening remarks on Governor Sarah Palin. The floor then opened for comments and questions from an active audience.

The Pizza PolVicePresidentdiscussion ranged over a number of topics, touching on how much of a difference the vice presidential nominees can make in the election, the potential for either nominee to make a costly gaffe, and whether or not Thursday’s debate would have an effect on the polls. Both speakers also described the roles that each nominee might play as Vice President, noting that both were likely to be very involved in the new president’s administration. In particular, Professor Hayman noted that a President Obama would likely turn to Biden for advice on judicial nominees, since Biden has presided over so many federal judicial nominations during his years in the Senate.

Several audience members asked if Sarah Palin had the qualifications to run the country in the event of McCain’s death in office, but Professor Regan was quick to point out that in that event, Palin would be free to pick a new vice president who could offer foreign policy expertise. Professor Hayman fielded a question about whether Biden need to change his style for the debate so as not to appear as a bully, answering, “He knows how to be forceful without being overbearing.”

The next Pizza and Politics discussion will be on Monday, October 6th at 4 pm in the student lounge off of Main Street. Professors Robert Lipkin and Laura Ray will lead a discussion about judicial nominations and the Supreme Court.

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