Taiwanese Judicial Delegation Visits Widener Law’s Delaware Campus
Web Editor - Published: September 25, 2008

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The visitors posed with Professors Erin Daly and Lawrence A. Hamermesh, who coordinated their visit to Widener.

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Professor Jean M. Eggen gave a talk on mass tort law in the United States.

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Richard Herrmann, visiting professor and chair of the Technology Law Practice Technology Center, gave a demonstration of the electronic tools available in the campus Aquipt War Room.

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Professor Paul L. Regan gave a luncheon talk on his research into human rights issues for U.S. multinational corporations in the global marketplace.

On Monday, September 22nd, Widener Law’s Delaware campus hosted a Taiwanese judicial delegation visiting the state of Delaware to learn more about the state’s court system.

Dean Linda L. Ammons greeted the delegation at a breakfast held in the Special Collections Room, and Assistant Dean for Educational Services Anthony Doyle talked about the school’s graduate and international programs.

Following breakfast, Ruby R. Vale Professor of Corporate and Business Law Lawrence Hamermesh gave a presentation entitled “Business Litigation in a Federal System,” explaining the divisions between Delaware’s corporation law and federal business laws and how they interact. Following the presentation, he answered questions from the delegation. Professor Jean Eggen spoke next, offering a talk entitled “Mass Tort Litigation: Procedural Mechanisms in the American Judicial System.” She discussed civil lawsuits in the American system, the characteristics of mass torts, and class action lawsuits.

The delegation next visited the Aquipt War Room and learned about the use of technology in the courtroom from adjunct faculty member Richard K. Herrmann, a partner at Morris James LLP.  Professor Herrmann discussed the importance of technology in the courtroom and demonstrated some of the equipment in the Aquipt War Room including the Elmo document camera, the virtual conference room, and the virtual courtroom used to tape student presentations so that students can critique their performances. He also discussed the Courtroom Connect and Law School Connect videoconferencing services and electronic filing.

The delegation then heard from students in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Society and later adjunct faculty member Bruce Monroe, who discussed patent law and litigation. The program concluded with lunch in the Barrister’s Club and a presentation from Professor Paul Regan on his research and proposal of Human Rights Accountability Act for multinational corporations whose subsidiaries promote human rights violations.