Delaware Student Bar Association Holds Debate for SBA Presidential Candidates
Web Editor - Published: April 5, 2008
On Thursday, March 27th, The Delaware campus Student Bar Association held a debate between the four candidates who are campaigning for the right to be the SBA President for 2008-2009. Current SBA President Sean McCray served as the moderator.

Candidates Adam Ludman, Matt DeNucci, Chris Boggs, and Brian Kisielewski each presented their respective platform and talked about what they would accomplish in office. They discussed issues ranging from the mandatory grading curve to the need for a counseling center, as well as seeking longer hours of operation for the Barrister’s Club. Several candidates also cited the need for a good relationship with faculty and administrative staff.

Mr. McCray then presented the candidates with questions, such as what they would do if they were SBA President and the SBA lost both the Vice President and the Treasurer and how much time they would devote to their duties as SBA President if they were elected. Each candidate had an opportunity to answer the posed questions, and they all affirmed their dedication to performing the duties of an SBA President.