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Using & Searching the Online Catalog
This page includes the following topics: What is the Library Catalog?

Widener University's online catalog, accessible through the Internet, includes the library collections of the Legal Information Centers on both the Wilmington and Harrisburg campuses, as well as the Wolfgram Memorial Library on the Chester campus.

The online catalog is key to determining what resources are available in the library collections at all Widener University campuses and precisely where they are located. You can access the catalog directly: at

How to Use the Library Catalog

The default search will perform a keyword search. Just type your keywords in the search box and the catalog will find everything that has those words anywhere in the title or description of the item. Use the tabs to do and advanced search, search by title, or author. You can also search by call number, ISBN, and other identifying numbers.
    Tips for using the Library Catalog
    • Call Number and Location

      Each item in the library has a call number, location, and status.  Please note these 3 things in your search results. The call number, in conjunction with the location tells you where and on which campus the item is located. The 3 campus locations are: Delaware (D), Harrisburg (H) and Wolfgram (M) for Main campus (Chester).

      These library locations are further refined by internal locations such as Reference, Treatises, Stacks, Open Reserve, Closed Reserve, Microform, etc. A library locator map may be found at the Reference Desk. It shows where each of these named areas is located within each campus library.
    • Status

      When the item you want appears in the list on the screen, click on the title. This will bring up a screen showing the author, title, imprint (publishing information), location, call number and status. The status box will tell you if an item has been checked out and, if so, its due date. If the status is "check shelves," the item should be on the shelf.

    Making Requests

    Since the online catalog includes materials located at three separate physical locations, you may find the item you need at another Widener library. Just use the catalog's Request Function to order the item you want. The Request Function is only for the use of current students, faculty and staff.

    Once you find the item you want in the online catalog and see that it is located in one of the other Widener libraries, click on the Request button a the top of the screen.

    Fill out the form, including your name and bar code number (located on the back of your Widener ID), and any other information

    You will be alerted when your requested items are available. Deliveries from other campuses usually arrive twice a week.