Campus Courtesy Phones
Building, Location and Extension Number
Widener University has installed courtesy phones on the Delaware campus. These phones are a compliment to the services offered by the University. They are located at:

  • Polishook Hall:
    Near Faculty Lounge » Extension x3045
  • Law Building:
    Across from Mailroom » Extension x5031
  • Law Building:
    Outside the Library Main Entrance » Extension x5032
  • Law Building:
    Outside the Library (near Student Affairs) » Extension x3047
  • Law Building:
    3rd Floor Library outside of Study Rooms » Extension x3029
  • Shipley Dorm:
    Lobby » Extension x3048
  • Shipley Dorm:
    Room 316 (3rd floor Lounge) » Extension x3082
  • Concord Dorm:
    Lobby » Extension x3032
These phones can be used to contact Campus Safety (x2200).