Advising and Counseling
Widener Law offers an excellent legal education, and we want you to get the most out of it. From helping you set goals to providing the tools and resources you’ll need to reach them, we offer a variety of counseling services that will ensure your success as a law student, and as a legal professional.

Academic Counseling
The Delaware Office of Student Affairs and the Harrisburg Office of Student Affairs offer students on their respective campuses help with scheduling, academic status, balancing the stresses of law school and everyday life, emergencies, and much more. The staff at both offices are invaluable resources to help you achieve a successful law school experience.

Resources for a successful law school experience;
Delaware Student Handbook | Harrisburg Student Handbook

Academic Support
In order to help you learn how to approach your legal studies, our Academic Support teams on both the Delaware and Harrisburg campuses offer a series of workshops for first-year students. Topics include time management, case briefing, outlining, and preparing for exams.

Financial Aid Counseling
The Financial Aid Office offers helpful advice if you wish to apply for, and are eligible for, financial aid. From understanding what types of aid are available to a smooth completion of the application process, the staff is knowledgeable and helpful and can help determine which financial assistance is right for you and how to get it.