Latin American Law Students Association
The Latin American Law Students Association “LALSA” aims to promote the exchange of ideas with respect to issues between Latino culture and the law. LALSA’s main goals are to facilitate the success of LALSA members and alumni both professionally and socially, to promote the Latino culture and the law through an exchange of ideas and values, and to achieve active participation of all of its members.  LALSA welcomes ALL individuals who are interested or curious to learn about Latin culture and legal issues specific to our communities.

Executive Board

Jamilah Giraud Espinosa

Vice President
Carla Arias

Nikkole Parker

Samantha Smith

Outreach Coordinator
Mayra Pais

Social Coordinators
Will Church & Johelys Cecala

Major Activities:
Free weekly Spanish classes, Celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, and guest speakers.

To learn more about LALSA, don't hesitate to contact Jamilah Espinosa at