Widener Law is committed to fostering a diverse community that enriches the lives of students and prepares them to thrive in a legal community that is both global and ever-changing. To that end, Widener seeks to attract, retain and train a diverse student body in a welcoming and open law school environment. At Widener, we realize that only through such deliberate efforts will diversity in the legal profession ever be achieved.

To promote diversity in the legal profession, Widener Law supports efforts such as the Law School Admission Council’s DiscoverLaw.org campaign to open the legal profession to students from a range of racial and ethnic backgrounds and the Council on Legal Education Opportunity, which creates opportunities for diverse and low-income students to attend law school.

Diversity Defined
"The legal profession is, rightly, well-regarded and held in high esteem – but exclusivity diminishes, rather than enhances, its reputation. It needs to be open to all if we are to widen the pool of talented lawyers for the future."
~ Legal Services Board Chairman, David Edmonds.

At Widener Law we define diversity very broadly. The Office of Multicultural Affairs exists as a resource to support students who self-identify as diverse in myriad ways including:
  • Age
  • Cultural
  • Ethnic/Racial
  • First Generation Educated
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Sexual Identity/Orientation
  • Socio-economic
Moreover, we accept and appreciate all qualities and characteristics that each individual brings to the law school, the study of law and society in general.

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Both the Delaware and Harrisburg Student Bar Associations are also committed to supporting this goal, including sponsoring a variety of organizations that support and encourage a diverse student body.

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