Outside Scholarships
Private Loan Programs
Outside Scholarships
Financial assistance is also offered directly to students by various private and public organizations who have no involvement with Widener Law. Such donors include county and state bar associations, law spouses' groups, veterans' organizations, church and ethnic organizations, college or university alumni associations and selected corporations with tuition programs for employees.

In order to assist our students in the pursuit of outside sources of funding, the Financial Aid Office has researched and made available information regarding over 100 scholarship opportunities. This information is password protected and available only to Widener Law current students and accepted applicants. User ID and password information can be found in the Appendix of the Widener Law Debt Management Guide and Financial Aid Sourcebook. Please feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office at lawfinaidde@mail.widener.edu or lawfinaidhb@mail.widener.edu if you have any questions or difficulties accessing the file.

The scholarships are categorized as the following:
Pink highlighted scholarships are for Pennsylvania residents.
Orange highlighted scholarships are for Non-Pennsylvania residents.
Yellow highlighted scholarships are general scholarships.
Green highlighted scholarships are diversity scholarships.
Blue highlighted scholarships are specialized scholarships and awards.

»Access the file here with User ID and password

Applicants should also consult various free financial aid search engines available online. A list of websites is published in the Financial Aid Sourcebook. Awards from these sources must be reported to the Financial Aid Office as soon as they are secured.