MJ Alumni

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What do our alumni say about their experience in our MJ Programs? They say it changed them as professionals, enhanced their careers and opened new opportunities for them.

"As a recent MJ graduate, I feel as though Widener has provided me the opportunities to take my degree and my certification in health care compliance and regulatory analysis and use it in a variety of ways.

While in the program, I feel I received hands-on teaching and guidance from my professors. Whether I was in a classroom or in an on-line class, I always felt supported by my Dean, my professors, and my peers.

For my externship placement, the school worked just as hard as I did to retain the placement I wanted at a worldwide pharmaceutical company, where I learned the 'ins and outs' of compliance. It was in this arena that I was able to begin applying the knowledge that was being taught to me in the classroom.

Collectively, my experiences at Widener Law's MJ program have prepared me for the Compliance Officer position I obtained prior to graduation. Although I have graduated, I continue to feel supported by the Widener Law family and look upon the relationships I made while in the MJ program as everlasting."

Frances Burns
Class of 2013
"It is with great appreciation that I thank Widener University School of Law who invited me to apply to its MJ Program. Today, I am pleased to say with the support of the administration, professors, and resources that I have graduated with honors.

At the time of acceptance into the MJ Program, my background primarily focused on small business administration. However, Widener’s MJ Program for Corporate & Business Law added a specialization component in Regulatory Analysis & Compliance that provided me with a well-rounded business acumen and positions me to address the most current and up-to date compliance issues facing corporations and small businesses today. The MJ program provided a smooth transition from being a small business owner to understanding the laws that govern small businesses and corporations.

After completion of the MJ Program with the Regulatory Analysis and Compliance track, I discovered my passion for compliance. Today, I am perusing certification as an Ethics and Compliance Professional, and I look forward to becoming a future JD student. I love the law and the Master of Jurisprudence Program was a great introduction. Although the MJ is not required to accomplish that goal, the MJ program provided a foundation to help segue into a new career path that I wanted to pursue.

The MJ Graduate program is convenient for the working adult and provides a well-rounded online learning environment with numerous available resources to assist students in achieving academic success. Widener University School of Law always makes someone available to support and address all concerns promptly and efficiently.

I found the Career Development Office to be an invaluable resource for career advice. Don’t delay, apply today and take the next step to advance your marketability in the work place with a Master of Jurisprudence Graduate Degree from Widener University School of Law."

Andrea Gay
Class of 2013
"As a recent graduate, I wanted to take the opportunity to send a note thanking you for offering the MJ/DL program at the Health Law Institute. It has been an invaluable experience having experts in my field of study and experience with the evolution of the pharmaceutical industry. This program has expanded my knowledge of law and provided me with new skills that have helped me advance my career in Biopharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs at Pfizer. I am very happy that I chose Widener to pursue my education and appreciate the various events and symposiums offered for health care and regulatory professionals through the Health Law Institute.

In addition to the outstanding faculty at Widener, I would also like to provide special acknowledgment to my DL research project advisor, Professor Rosanne Termini. I am grateful that Professor Culhane recommended Professor Termini with her extensive knowledge and experience in Regulatory Affairs. Over the past few years, she has been very responsive to any request I had. She has provided me with needed advice and challenged me to push myself harder. She made herself available to me for late night calls and countless emails. It was a pleasure having such a dedicated person helping me with my research project. I am very proud and grateful for my achievements and could not have accomplished them without the incredible support and one-on-one interactions with Professor Termini."

Warmest regards,
Dellarika Schmitt, D.L.
Class of 2011
"Thank you. Attending the Masters of Jurisprudence Health Law program at Widener University Law School opened my eyes. Every big health care organization should send mid-level management for a master’s degree in Health Care Compliance."

Tabe Mase (watch her video testimonial)
Spring 2011 Graduate Health Law Institute
"The Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) program at Widener Law School has helped me become more knowledgeable about legal issues in business law and this understanding enhanced my ability to assist my Company in identifying and managing risk, interpret regulations, and make intelligent decisions that is in the best interest of the organization. I’m no longer a casual observer within the regulatory arena, the MJ program has equipped me with skills to not only be able to interpret the legal requirements but also assist, when necessary, in drafting corporate policy to reasonably ensure compliance. The Widener Law MJ program places an emphasis on Legal Methods and Analysis in which has ultimately made me a better writer as well as creative and analytical thinker."

Courtland Hines
Spring 2011 Graduate Corporate & Business Law Institute
"Attending the Widener Law Program at Widener Law School is the best educational experience that I have ever had because of the people there. As a first class institution dedicated to teaching the law makes Widener’s Masters of Jurisprudence program uniquely beneficial to its students because you participate in real law classes sitting right next to the carefully selected and very talented law students. As a master’s student comingled with law students, I was privileged and inspired by being able to learn from elite professional practitioners in the heart of the corporate legal/business law arena. Be assured that you will learn from the best judges, lawyers and writers in this field. During every lesson, these professors imparted real life experiences that enhanced the lesson and its meaning. The value of the learning experience was also enhanced by the quality of its people. A law school can be an intimidating place for sure however; Widener Law School is again, unique. The people here make the difference. They truly exist for the student. This school is not a self-absorbed profit center dedicated to itself (those schools exist, choose carefully). Tone and tenor of any institution is set at the top. Here, Widener has assembled the best Dean’s to serve the students. Caring people like Dean Goldberg make a difference every day. Dean Ammons has a relentless zeal for providing the very best experience and education to her students bar none. In my opinion, everyone at Widener Law School is there to help each and every student. Don’t take my word, meet with Dean Grena if you are considering the Master’s program and see for yourself what wonderful dedicated team of educators can do to help you plan your future. Now for the downside, Widener does not house its Masters students. Yet, aside from being in the heart of the corporate law world, Widener Law School is in a great neighborhood, close to everything including housing, shopping and two great cities, Wilmington and Philadelphia."

Rob Greaney, MJ Graduate 2011
"The MJ and DL Program provided me the opportunity to engage in the rigorous examination of current issues in health care law with classmates from diverse healthcare backgrounds, including practicing attorneys seeking additional credentials in health law, physicians and nurses. Widener University School of Law went above and beyond to respond to the challenges facing the working adult returning to the academic environment. Their innovative programs in regulatory compliance for both Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices and Hospital and Long Term Care allowed me to tailor my education to respond to potential employment opportunities in a changing healthcare environment".

Karen Solomon
"I was one of the original MJ Health Law grads & I loved the program! It enabled me to do a career change. "

Jan Isley Rumaks