Michele D. Forzley
Visiting Distinguished Professor of Law

B.A., Simmons College
J.D., New England School of Law
MPH, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

E-mail Address:
Campus Phone: 302.477.2704
Office Phone: 301.565.0680

Forzley & Associates, founded by Professor Forzley in 1979, advises public and private sector clients – governments, trade associations, academia, hospitals, international organizations, and both for-profit and not-for-profits – on matters of health and law. Professor Forzley concentrates on legal and regulatory components in health systems, including: conducting assessments to remove barriers to access to health products; conceptualizing solutions to counterfeit medical products and corruption in the health and pharmaceutical sectors; designing and improving pooled procurement mechanisms; solving trade and health policy issues, such as the determination of patent and registration status and requirements; and drafting health, drug, and health finance legislation.

Professor Forzley is the advisor to the Global Extern Program she began in 2010. Students who qualify for a global externship are assigned to international governmental and non-governmental organizations such as the World Health Organization, United Nations and US Department of Commerce. She also teaches Global Health and the Law – Hot Topics and supervises SJD and LLM students.

  • What public health needs to know about trade, a book to be published by the Global Health Council
  • Combating Counterfeit Drugs: A Concept Paper for an International Framework Convention and Related Strategies
  • Counterfeit Goods and the Public’s Health and Safety - Web based training module
  • Use of the Criminal Laws to Protect Public Health
  • Impact of Tariffs and Non-Tariff Barriers on Access to Essential Drugs for the Poorest People, a Global Health Council Policy Brief, September 2007
  • Improving Transparency in the Pharmaceutical Sector: Report On the Study to Identify and Strengthen Decision Points against Corruption in Albania
  • Private Provider Networks: The Role of Viability in Expanding the Supply of Reproductive Health and Family Planning Services, PSP-One, USAID
  • Home-Based Care Kits- How to Sustain this Solution to Increasing Access to Treatment, Supply Chain Management System, (PEPFAR) Working Paper
  • The World Trading Organization and Public Health – What does trade have to do with health?, Global Health Link, Issue #124, November-December 2003
  • A Tool for Mental Health Legislation – integrate principles of public health and human rights
  • International Comparative Analysis of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Regulatory Schemes
  • Internet Jurisdiction Project, International legal materials on telemedicine
  • Winning in Foreign Markets, Your Global Guide®
  • Bylined author – over 60 articles 1993-2000 The Exporter Magazine: Markets and Marketing
  • Model International Legal Agreements Series (MILAS), on-line model international business legal agreement database with distance educational materials
  • Handbook on Customs & International Trade Law, 2nd edition
Speaking Engagements and Training
  • World Health Organization Lawyers Working Group, “ The role of lawyers in health”
  • Southwestern University of Political Science and Law, China, “Rule of Law as a Benchmark for Health Sector Reform”
  • US Library of Congress Global Legal Information Network “Health Legal Information”
  • World Health Organization Secretariat “Governance and Global Public Health”
  • Global Health Council and Women in International Trade “The Nexus of Trade and Health”
  • DC Fellows- Research Triangle Institute “Legal and Regulatory Dimensions of Health Governance”
  • World Bank HDHNE Learning Week “Demystifying Pharmaceutical Procurement”
  • Widener School of Law – Health Law Institute “Hot Topics in Global Public Health and the Law”
  • Widener School of Law – Faculty Meeting “Health Sector Corruption and the Role of the Law”
  • US PTO and WIPO Academy – Counterfeit Goods and Public Health
  • ASEAN & USPTO Bangkok “Public Health and the Enforcement of IP Rights
  • US PTO /World Intellectual Property Organization – Academy “Public Health and Safety and Intellectual Property Rights”
  • US Patent and Trademark Office Law Enforcement Division “A Primer on Public Health for Lawyers”